We strictly follow a sustainable approach


At GEPAWORLD we offer the highest quality, ethical sportswear apparel. With minimal aesthetics, advanced technical performance and strong focus on sustainable materials, we produce collections that fulfill the needs of the everyday athlete and provide a holistic experience of well-being. We operate responsibly with a constant purpose to create a sustainable tomorrow.

Our garments are manufactured based on the latest technologies and with the most advanced machinery. We use the highest quality performance materials which fully comply with the strictest eco-standards.

Sustainable Materials

At GEPAWORLD, we aim to create the least impact on the environment possible.

We strive to create our products by using sustainable materials and fibers with the smallest possible environmental footprint. We believe that this is the only way to the future of the apparel industry.

The most important sustainable materials are:

Organic Cotton: grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals (fertilizers or pesticides) from “non genetically modified“ plants. Its production is determined by certain practices which promote biodiversity and reduce the environmental consequences (pollution of surface waters and air).

Recycled Polyester (PET): as more than 65% of world fibers production is synthetic fibers, the use of recycled synthetic yarns for our products is a priority for a sustainable eco-system.

Recycled Cotton: the use of recycled cotton yarn is a sustainable alternative, as it conserves resources and reduces energy waste during dying process.

Bamboo: Bamboo can be a very sustainable crop: a fast-growing grass, it requires no fertiliser and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn’t need to be replanted. When compared to cotton cultivation, which requires large amounts of water, pesticides, and labour, the advantages are pretty clear.

Certificates & associations

At GEPAWORLD we see sustainability as a catalyst for revolutionizing the way we do business: for driving innovation in a way that benefits the athlete, the environment, our clients, and our company.

We think, act, and support sustainable living in everything we do.

Our company is a member of amfori, whereas our productions are certified by the following organizations and standards: