JEPA is our everyday collection that includes socksathletic and basic apparel. The wide range of designs create unlimited options for men, women and kids. JEPA products are made out of a variety of yarns and fabrics. The products combine comfort with current fashion trends. The family of JEPA products is developed through efficient production procedures in order to achieve our core objectives of sustainability and performance.


JEPA Cotton Basics is our everyday sustainable collection that includes socks, athletic and basic apparel. Focused on organic cotton and eco friendly yarns, Cotton Basics combine comfort with current fashion trends and with the wide range of designs create unlimited options for men, women and kids. All JEPA Cotton Basics are designed and produced under high standards, with a brilliant match between fashion and utility.


JEPA Pro Athletic is the aesthetic apparel collection for all sport enthusiasts. Enhanced with all Gepaworld’s innovationslike moisture repellent yarns that enhances air circulation, providing athletes a moisture and sweat free environment undistracted from feeling uncomfortable. Pro Athletic is the tool for athletes that compete, play and love sports.


JEPA Real Series: It all started with the simple idea of making real clothes for real people. The unique designs, shapes and materials make Real Series great outfits stand out. At JEPA we are proud of being creative and innovative on everything we do, our garments characterized by quality fabrics, authentic shapes, unique detailing and graphics with diverse styling.