Our Company


Starting from design, we always have in our minds how far we can take ourselves. Our vision lies within our enthusiasm towards great products for all aspects of life. We are the designers and producers, which means that we make our dreams become a reality. We are perfectionists, idealists and forward thinkers. We approach every day projects with absolute professionalism. From the Creative Team to the Sales and Business Development Departments, we are all innovative people driven to push the boundaries in all areas.  Gepaworld’s team is led by President and CEO Gerry F. Papaspyratos.


The Creative & Design department is the heart of our company, where everything begins. Wisely said the heart – and not the brain – because the heart is spontaneous and rebellious, it increases the blood flow and gives life to other organs. We see our company as a human body where the Creative & Design team is the heart and the other departments are the vital organs. We cannot thrive without each other, and we seek to thrive daily.


Our Marketing department works hand in hand with the Creative team and the Sales division. Marketing brings the knowledge of the Sales to the Creative team, and the passion of the Creative team to the Sales division. Each great product release is the result of meticulous planning by Gepaworld’s Marketing team. Our Marketing team strives for innovation and is committed to creating and introducing great products to our customers.


Gepaworld’s Research & Development department is in alert of the latest trends and innovative technologies. Brand development and management plays a major role in today’s competitive business world. Building a successful brand takes time, consistent delivery and high-quality services. Our R&D team consists of bright, dedicated members who are always updating Gepaworld’s standards of excellence. The R&D department provides improvements to products that range from minor updates of features to dramatic, innovative discoveries.


Production: since the beginning, we have adopted the IPM policy (International Production Model); a successful model for our operations. All stages of manufacturing happen simultaneously, creating a far more efficient and more flexible way of operating than the one currently used by the industry. Our work values reflect the highest standards of quality, integrity and excellence. In addition to our Production resources, a well equipped team of controllers guarantee continuous quality control during the production process.


Our Sales and Business Development department is committed to efficiently delivering our products to customers and businesses all over the world. Our salespeople are qualified and trained constantly to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing market. They are our eyes in the world and we are could not go further without their persistence and their commitment. Our sales points exceed 1,800 locations globally. These sales points include sporting good stores, department stores, hyper markets, chain stores, as well as privately own specialty shops/stores.


Gepaworld’s Operations department handles various complex daily tasks. The Operations department is the “mother” of our business where all our designs, sales and production are put into action. Operations could be visualized as the solid links between all departments in order to ease functionality and accuracy of the entire company.


The Finance department manages all of Gepaworld’s financial activities with expertise and precision. Anything involving money passes through the finance department. Its primary responsibility, though, is to ensure that the company optimizes its use of limited financial resources. Our Finance team has a challenging but essential task of managing a detail-oriented discipline inside a rapidly changing, ever-innovative company.


Merchandising is an essential part of the success of Gepaworld. To ensure sales, we have to go to great lengths to make sure that our products are visible in stores and presented in an appealing, customer-focused way. Our merchandising strategic ingenuity and aesthetic sensibilities combine to create an exceptional customer experience. Functioning as a dynamic, cross-functional worldwide team, our Merchandising team members utilize their skills in assortment selection, placement, promotion and visual standards to implement groundbreaking retail strategies.


Our Logistics department is the backbone of our entire business planning framework for the management of products, distribution, services, information and cash flows. It includes the complex information, communication and control systems required in today’s global, fast paced business environment.


The Legal department of Gepaworld helps us comply with the law, ensuring that every transaction is structured properly and all agreements are clear and effective. This department handles all legal issues that may come up from copyright issues to drafting waiver forms. Our Legal department helps protect our creativity and maintain our edge in the market.