Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint is a measure of the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions that is directly and indirectly caused by an activity, or is accumulated over the life stages of a product. There are also other emissions that affect our environment, but carbon footprint measures the CO2 effects due to its very important impact on the atmosphere.

Many daily habits are taken into consideration to measure a carbon footprint. For example, how we commute: do we drive our cars to go to work and how many hours per week do we spend in your vehicles. Whether we use energy saving appliances and bulbs at home, and if we recycle; not only tins, paper and glass but also food. Another fundamental issue regarding carbon footprint is also how our houses are built and maintained, meaning if double glass windows are used along with other eco-friendly materials.Therefore as we consider that the reduction of the carbon emissions is a social challenge and responsibility of all individuals, systems and organizations of our planet ,requiring a socioecological common ideal.

As sustainability is not just a priority interest of our company but a holistic guiding influence for all of our operations, we contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint by implementing sustainable policies and practices throughout our procedures. We are focused to reduce the environmental footprint by using recycled yarns, reducing energy use and mimimizing packaging waste. We contract with factories who share the same philosophy and reduce the energy wasted in washing,drying and ironing processes of the garments.